I have to admit that the last weeks or even months did leave me little time for any sort of making/hacking. Too many work-projects meant that I did not fancy adding private projects to the queue. While my work load has not really changed it finally seems to settle in more organised tracks – leaving some chaotic headroom for messing about with stuff and thingis and such…

However – as I recently upgraded my home desktop PC I will first need to re-install a couple of tools I recently used – and since I am at it I might try a few new ones. Since I use both Windows and Linux I try to use tools that are available for both platforms.

For now the maker-basics should do:

  • Arduino
  • KiCad – which is surely not the most user-friendly tool – but then most EDA-tools aren’t. However it is free and does not come with any limitations unlike the makers favorite Eagle.
  • Python – I usually just use Geany as the Python-editor of my choice but will try Spyder as part of WinPython
  • Inkscape – for everything being drawn, from sketches to laser-cut-templates

Now off to some making – hopefully back soon with some results!

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